Network Forensics

Increasing security risks, lack of visibility into the network, loss of proprietary information, corporate liability and regulatory compliance are critical areas of concern to many organizations today. The following industry reports further support these trends.

  •  Risk is higher than ever – Industry reports states that:
    • Network attacks on financial institutions doubled in the last year
    • 70% of security incidents causing monetary loss involve insiders.
    • Increasing losses due to theft of proprietary information in 2004.
  • What we don’t know is costing us
    • Not enough visibility into the network
    • Lack of visualization, analysis and reporting capabilities
    • More than 30% of organizations surveyed don’t know how many incidents they had in 2004
  • Accountability is key
    • Need to reduce corporate liability
    • Need to demonstrate regulatory compliance

Organizations require a network security investigation and forensics solution that can help them build intelligence.

First Secure Data LLC helps your organization secure its network and ensure availability by capturing real-time network data to identify how your business assets are affected by network exploits, internal data theft and security or HR policy violations. First Secure Data LLC can help your organization mitigate risk, comply with regulations and reduce analysis and investigation cost by allowing your IT and security staff to visualize network activity, uncover anomalous traffic and investigate security breaches.